Notezilla Portable

On this page, you may download the portable version of Notezilla sticky notes software for Windows. To read more about Notezilla visit this page.

Run Notezilla sticky notes app from a USB portable drive

If you work on multiple computers (typically between home & office) or you have restricted control over installation of new software on your computer, you can carry Notezilla sticky notes program and its data on a USB flash/pen drive. You do not have to install Notezilla on any of the computers. Just insert the drive into your computer and run Notezilla from it.

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Version 8.0.37, 13.2 MB

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Follow the below steps to copy Notezilla Portable to a pen/flash drive.

  • Uncompress all the files from (downloaded from above) and copy them to a folder on the USB Flash Drive.

  • Run Notezilla.exe from the copied files. That's it! :)


Notezilla Portable stores all the notes data inside a sub-folder called "Data" along with other program files.


Follow the below steps to update to a new version/build of Notezilla Portable

  • Download the newer version of from above.

  • Uncompress all the files from into another new folder

  • Move just the 'Data' folder from the old Notezilla Portable folder to the new folder

  • Run Notezilla.exe from the new folder.


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