Release Notes

Version 5.0.26 - 01 April, 2023

  • Sometimes the indexing settings (Excluded folders) weren't saved. This is fixed.

Version 5.0.25 - 09 December, 2022

  • More accurate folder lists and fixed a crash.

Version 5.0.24 - 05 October, 2022

  • Reduced installer size by 60%.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 5.0.23 - 8 March, 2022

  • Docked RecentX next to the file open/save window used to go outside the display monitor sometimes. This is fixed.

Version 5.0.22 - 27 May, 2021

  • RecentX window is now docked next to the file open/save window for easy access.
  • The sidebar is bigger on higher display resolutions.
  • Icons made better on higher display resolutions.
  • Pressing F10 key on network resources did not remove non-existent items from the list. This is fixed.
  • Sometimes the desktop sidebar would go missing. This is fixed.
  • Clicking on Buy Now button used to crash RecentX :o( . This is fixed.

Version 5.0.21 - 16 March, 2021

  • Instant folder changing in File Open/Save window made compatible with maximum apps.

Version 5.0.20 - 10 March, 2021

  • You can now use RecentX to instantly switch to different a folders in Windows File Open/Save window.
  • Better recent file detection when a single file is moved or renamed in Windows File Explorer.

Version 5.0.19 - 17 January, 2021

  • You can now exclude folders that you don't want to be indexed.
  • You can save upto 1000 clipboard clips now.
  • The backslash character \ now allows one to search any part of the file/folder address including the drive letter.
  • Some recently copied/moved files were not listed instantly. This is fixed.
  • Clipboard copying slowed down or interfered when copying text in Microsoft Excel. This is fixed.

Version 5.0.18 - 13 January, 2021

  • When using another File Manager to open folders using RecentX, the containing folder was opened instead of the selected folder. This is fixed.
  • The folders list did not show drives such as C:, D:, E: and network shares. This is fixed.
  • When moving a single file, RecentX's list was not updated. This is fixed.

Version 5.0.17 - 05 September, 2020

  • You can now use RecentX to quickly select the folder in Window's Folder open/save window. Ealier RecentX used to work only with File open/save window.
  • RecentX now updates the list immediately when a file/folder is renamed or deleted using Windows File Explorer.
  • New items are indexed faster.
  • Removed the feature to lock RecentX as it was less used and caused more confusion.
  • Since last update RecentX did not remember the column settings (width, position etc). This is fixed.

Version 5.0.16 - 03 July, 2020

  • It is now possible to tag network/remote files and folders from Windows File Explorer.
  • Sometimes RecentX listed system folders as if "recently accessed" even when they were not actually accessed by the user. This is fixed.
  • Renaming an image clipboard item caused RecentX to crash. This is fixed.

Version 5.0.15 - 07 June, 2020

  • Added a major feature: You can now tag files and folders directly from Windows File Explorer.
  • Dark mode added.
  • You can now search items by multiple tags. Simply hold the Ctrl key and click on the tag buttons from the toolbar.
  • RecentX did not list older websites after re-indexing. This is fixed.

Version 5.0.14 - 13 May, 2020

  • Sometimes RecentX crashed on launching a file/folder. This is fixed.

Version 5.0.13 - 27 April, 2020

  • 64 bit version crashed on previewing png files. This is fixed.
  • 64 bit version crashed on accessing the Windows File Explorer's menu. This is fixed.
  • Fixed drag and drop issues with file managers such as Directory Opus.

Version 5.0.12 - 23 April, 2020

  • Another round of drastic search speed improvement. You will be surprised!
  • Added support for Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Shortcuts to files, folders etc can be created easily by dragging and dropping the item with Ctrl+Alt keys pressed.
  • Multiple selection of items is more convenient.
  • RecentX program files are now 64 bit. This will fix compatibility issues which the 32 bit version had with other 64 bit apps.
  • Address column that was removed in version 5.0.8, has now been added back so that the list can be sorted by address. It is hidden by default.
  • Have increased the size of picture preview window.
  • Renaming an item removed its tags. This is fixed.
  • Some systems showed 'Out of memory' error under certain conditions. This is fixed.
  • Now, pressing the Tab key from the find text box directly selects the item in the list.
  • Tap and hold did not show right click on touch screens like Surface Pro etc. This is fixed.

Version 5.0.11 - 12 September, 2019

  • Added option to hide multiple files, folders and programs.

Version 5.0.10 - 28 March, 2019

  • The search results now show all matching items instead of initial 250 items.
  • The search results are more accurate.
  • The tags toolbar resizes automatically based the number of tags.
  • Chrome and Vivaldi browsers now pick the last profile used. Earlier, RecentX used to pick only Default profile.
  • Using hyphen (-) in keywords caused inaccurate results. This is fixed.
  • Sometimes renaming a file resulted in duplicate items in the files list. This is fixed.
  • Renaming a clipboard item did not succeed. This is fixed.
  • Multiple filters were not being deleted correctly. This is fixed.
  • Other UI improvements and bug fixes.

Version 5.0.9 - 14 November, 2018

  • Item names in list appear in bold text for quick identification.
  • Websites list items now show the exact browser icon.
  • Search text box width increased.
  • For some items, incorrect tags were shown along with the correct ones. This is fixed.

Version 5.0.8 - 25 October, 2018

  • The list view is improved. It is less cluttery and with better usability.
  • Added support for Microsoft Edge history & bookmarks.
  • Added support for Vivaldi Browser history & bookmarks.
  • It is possible to copy (or drag and drop) multiple items from clipboard list.
  • RecentX did not index files from removable drives. This has been fixed.

Version 5.0.7 - 21 November, 2017

  • It was not possible to resize the last column (Date Accessed). This has been fixed.
  • The first column in RecentX window was too narrow. It did not display 3 digit numbers. This has been fixed.
  • RecentX prevented system shutdown after installing latest Windows Fall Creators Update. This has been fixed.

Version 5.0.6 - 02 August, 2017

  • RecentX did not run successfully when the user name (Windows account) contained non-english alphabets.

Version 5.0.5 - 25 April, 2017

  • RecentX now picks up shortcuts from Windows desktop also.
  • Improved search-as-you-type behavior.
  • The programs, websites and clipboard lists did not show tags in the Tags column. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when exiting RecentX.

Version 5.0.4 - 25 January, 2017

  • After using a tag in clipboard list, the list wasn't sorted based on 'Date Added'. So the most recent item did not appear on top. This has been fixed.

Version 5.0.3 - 13 December, 2016

  • You can now disable clipboard monitoring on specific programs.

Version 5.0.2 - 07 December, 2016

  • New version 5.0 launched!
  • Search is atleast 3x times faster.
  • Recently downloaded files are automatically detected.
  • Added support for Hi-DPI display resolution.
  • Preview picture files (jpg, png, gif, bmp etc) on mouse hover in files list.
  • Disable clipboard monitoring on specific apps.
  • Launch Windows Universal apps from RecentX programs list.
  • Added option to Open with Microsoft Edge.
  • Option to list all matching files, folders etc (Not limited to 250 items).
  • Find-as-you-type can be disabled. Type the keyword and hit Enter key to search.
  • Clipboard monitoring can be instantly disabled from the side-bar menu and from the system tray menu.
  • Multiple files can be deleted from within RecentX.
  • First time indexing doesn't wait for the user to be idle. This way, the files and folders are indexed within minutes after installation.
  • Sometimes, the keyboard focus was not set inside the find text box when activating RecentX. So the user had to click inside the find text box before typing the keywords. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed several bugs and improved usability.

Version 4.0.16 - 22 September, 2015

  • Windows 10, RecentX would hang when Cortana is enabled. This has been fixed.
  • On some systems, symbolic links and junctions caused RecentX to index files indefinitely. This caused the data files to grow and slowed down RecentX. This has been fixed.
  • Backslash is automatically added at the end of folder address in Windows file/save dialog when the folder is selected in RecentX.
  • recentx window now hides automatically when a clipboard item is selected (copied).

Version 4.0.15 - 28 July, 2015

  • On some systems, opening RecentX window was not snappy. It window appears sluggishly. This has been fixed.
  • Added tutorial videos option to the Help menu.

Version 4.0.14 - 01 April, 2015

  • NOTE: Fixed a very critical bug that made RecentX extremely slow after few days of usage. It is important that you update your copy of RecentX.
  • Automatic check for updates stopped working. This has been fixed.

Version 4.0.13 - 31 January, 2015

  • The data files that RecentX creates are now smaller & faster to access. Improves RecentX performance significantly.
  • Spinning wheel (mouse cursor) appeared frequently not allowing the user to access RecentX for several seconds. This has been fixed.
  • Sometimes the sidebar would disappear permanently. This has been fixed.
  • In certain cases, Clipboard list would show 'Out of memory' message. This has been fixed.
  • It was not possible to show or sort the columns by 'Tags' using the Options menu. This has been fixed.
  • Columns settings under Clipboard category weren't saved. This has been fixed.

Version 4.0.12 - 09 January, 2015

  • Help documentation added

Version 4.0.11 - 03 December, 2014

  • Improved performance of search results.
  • Sidebar position was not remembered after restart. This has been fixed.
  • Internet bookmarks & history were indexed even after disabling it. This has been fixed.
  • Clipboard items were monitored even after disabling it. This has been fixed.
  • When searching items, the first item was not selected by default. This has been fixed.
  • Hiding programs using keywords did not work. This has been fixed.
  • 'Show more items' renamed to 'Load more items' for more clarity.

Version 4.0.10 - 18 November, 2014

  • Windows Explorer menu has been enabled for programs also.
  • Network folder access was not being monitored. This has been fixed.
  • F2 key now renames clipboard items.
  • Searching just the bookmarks, listed history also. This has been fixed.
  • Clicking on an already selected item in RecentX did not reflect in file open/save dialog window. This has been fixed.

Version 4.0.9 - 06 November, 2014

  • RecentX 4 launched! Read what's new in RecentX 4.

Customer Reviews

I was using "EVERYTHING" windows search software. RecentX is better than that. Notezilla is also an excellent software. I pray God to give you more strength to develop more such type of softwares.


Know that I can’t live without this application! (RecentX). As a Product Manager, I wish that users could have affinity for my product the way I have for your product. Great job!

Jim Rutherford

This is an exceptionally useful little application. A "must have" application


Just installed latest RecentX and it blew me through the ceiling!! You guys really maxed out on this. It is amazing.

Barry Jaques

It really is addictive, and a great timesaver as well!

Eliezer Shore

I consider RecentX to be one of the top ten applications I have used in 25 years of computing

Stephen Strum

Worth every penny! Online demos sold me--and I'm still a believer


I have both NoteZilla and RecentX. Nothing but classy programs from this company


I can't imagine working without it. It saves me several minutes every workday, and FAR MORE in LOWERED FRUSTRATION - I can find WHAT I NEED WHEN I NEED IT! RecentX ROCKS!!!


It is quickly becoming one of my favorite programs, right up there with Clipmate and Treepad!

Dan Monk

Excellent design, stable, professionally executed

Peter Wirth

I grow to use and love this program more and more! You guys are awesome!

Bruce Koehler


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