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Your program (RecentX) is unbelievably useful. I use it everyday, several times each session. There is no better way to get back to what you were doing in a recent session.

Geoffrey Andron

Dec 18 2018
I think your package (RecentX) is well thought out, it's fast, and it covers pretty much all the bases in dealing with the different aspects of file management. I like using it, I couldn't find a suitable product to help me until I tried RecentX.

George Davis

I have used Windows for more than 20 years, and I originally used "Folder Scout". Your program is better.

Gerard Ozorio

RecentX has proven to be tremendously useful and a great replacement for all my previous search apps. It was a surprise as 'Everything' seemed to do it for me but once I started using RecentX more, I found it to be an outstanding replacement to 'Everything'.

Richard Szpin

I use RecentX almost all the time and it has already made huge impact on my workflow and to the way I access files on my PC.It works perfectly with Directory Opus and with Direct Folders. Just want to thank you for the brilliant idea and great implementation.

Mark Kubis

I admit for an hour I went back to using “Everything” and quickly remembered why RecentX is the best in the business, bar none.

Daniel Paner

I'm a lawyer and RecentX helps me keep track of what I've done over the previous week when I go to do my timesheets. In fact, for me it's indispensable and has paid for itself many times over.

John Myers

RecentX has become a part of my essential tools collection. The time savings is a no brainer for the price that you pay for.


RecentX is so far the most productive app for Windows. Something like this should have been built in for Windows. I hardly need to open my explorer to search for files. Kudos to the developer!!!

Subodh Chaturvedi

This (RecentX) is the best present I have received this year. I remain forever grateful

Barry Jaques

Know that I can’t live without this application! (RecentX). As a Product Manager, I wish that users could have affinity for my product the way I have for your product. Great job!

Jim Rutherford

It’s one of the best software products I have ever seen.

John Zielinski

I also use recentx, and frankly, this is quite a life saver on windows 8.1. Perfect replacement for the notorious (missing) start button and more.

Peter Wirth

Again let me congratulate you on a super programme, which I use many times every day.

Peter Royle

Since moving to a Windows 8 machine, I find I rely on RecentX even more, as it no longer has the same application finder as Win 7 (and using the Win 8 Metro interface on a desktop is extremely annoying).

Carl Lum

Should know that RecentX is the best program I ever bought - really got used to it :-)

Ben Sando

The latest version (of RecentX), I must say, is really terrific and has saved me both time and frustration since I bought it. Congratulations to all your Conceptworld elves on this.

Padraig O'Morain

I use RecentX all the time. Great app!

Gregory Alonso

I love my RecentX! I use it all the time and will never be without it

William Payne

RecentX has been outstanding in every way. It’s fast (!!!), it’s easy/ I just started using the tags in RecentX and that’s been the icing on the cake! Great product!

Daniel Paner

I congratulate Conceptworld for developing such a wonderful application as RecentX. I have and will continue to recommend it to any computer people I personally run into.

Knicky Silverwolf

Notezilla is by far the best product of its kind. I’ve tried them all. Recent X is what a busy multi-tasking person prays for.

Tom Crone

I used to use "Everything" to find files fast, but RecentX does more of everything - files, folders, programs, and websites - it's fast, too, and available in a click. It's as simple or as deep as you want or need. Great piece of software.


Bottom-line: give it a try. Pretty soon you'll wish it was an integral part of all computers you come across.


RecentX is perhaps the greatest single utility program I have ever used

Jim Larkin

Love this product. Saves me a ton of time when I need to recall something. Fast to find what you're looking for. Smart Tags make it so quick for common searches.


A first class product in every respect.I've tried and I can't anything i don't like about this product. Excellent value for money as well.


Another great product. it does exactly what it says it will do: Drastically lessons the time it takes to find items; anything from webpages to folders. I love it to find music folders.


Very helpful. Very easy to use as the number of keystrokes is minimal, and functionality is duplicated between mouse & keyboard.


Extremely handy utility that save lots of time finding recently or frequently used documents, web pages, folders and programs. Very unobtrusive user interface with great functionality. Reasonably priced too!


Congrats on a really exquisite utility

Julie Gilmore

I'm addicted in some programs like ClipMate, Babylon and I believe that RecentX will be on of them very short.


Have either purchased a license for or have used all four of Conceptworld's programs. I would recommend any one of them highly. They are handsome, efficient, easy to use, and the developer is helpful and responsive.


I've owned QNP then later NoteZilla. I've recently started using RecentX and PikySuite. All of these are fabulous programs that save me much time when dealing with files and folders inside of a multi-layered hierarchy. I hope ConceptWorld keeps developing these concepts. These are things that should be native to the operating system.

Coleman K D

I was looking for a perfect solution for accessing my recent files. This is the one that answers all my needs.


RecentX saves me tons of time when I am working with multiple files for work. It lets me organize files in a hierarchical way and still get back to the documents I need very quickly. I also love that I can drag files from the RecentX window into email messages as attachments. The developer is also easily accessible when you have questions about their programs, even before purchasing a license

Carl Thorpe

Easy to use and indispensable. Searches all my hard drives for vital files. with over 2 TB of storage it's easy to lose a file, but if you can remember any word in the file name RecentX can find the file for you.


Fast & easy tool for pc management. Easy to use, active development, solid support, increases productivity.


Just installed latest RecentX and it blew me through the ceiling!! You guys really maxed out on this. It is amazing.

Barry Jaques



I have been using this program for about two years now and don't know what I would do without it. I need to track all my actions on the computer and this program does it all, file, folder, applications and the web.


Fabulous user-friendly time saver! Great program that saves me heaps of time finding documents, websites or folders. Easy to use interface, with drag and drop and many configuration options so I can set it to find things I access most frequently. Also light on computer resources.


Must have product - beautiful layout and ease of use.


Excellent program ! I very highly recommend it !!!Very easy to use, saves tons of clicks. Particularly useful when you can't remember where you placed your file. Great to go back to web pages after a browser crash too...


RecentX is very useful. Also - I would HIGHLY recommend NoteZilla from the same folks - for keeping track of to-do items and planning your day.

David W

I have loved all ConceptWorld software. Superior stuff.

Toni McConnel

Extremely useful program. I find the program well done and very time saving


Excellent for going back and tracking. Very handy


This is an exceptionally (and surprisingly) useful little application. Surprising, because you would think that as most software lists recently used files anyway, and XP and Vista both abound with options for listing recently-used files, directory trees etc a third-party utility such as RecentX would be entirely redundant. Not so, RecentX does it all so much more conveniently and easily. And simply! If you regularly create, modify and manage multiple files, possibly working across folders and applications, Recent could dramatically reduce the number of keystrokes and mouse click you have to make. RecentX also keeps track of the programs used and web-sites visited. Again, it succeeds in doing this more ergonomically than anything else available. A "must have" application!


RecentX is certainly the most useful utility I know. Thank you for giving me hundreds of hours of my life time. (And take care that Microsoft is not stealing it ;-) )

Stefan Kröpelin

Very useful. Saves time and frustration.


Best addition ever to Windows XP. I love the accessibility to my files. Operating on them is easier the the Windows file system. Fast, responsive, handy!


I use it frequently and it saves me tons of time and aggravation. I will likely buy other products from you in the future and will strongly recommend this software to my friends and business associates

Lonni Holland

Worth every penny! Online demos sold me--and I'm still a believer


Significant timesaver if you have a sophisticated folder structure. Well worth the small fee


Well designed utility that saves time & works well. Now a permanent addition to my laptop


It really is addictive, and a great timesaver as well!

Eliezer Shore

It is a super handy program and a great time saver! My hats off to the programming team.

Bill Meador

This is an exceptionally useful little application. A "must have" application


I consider RecentX to be one of the top ten applications I have used in 25 years of computing

Stephen Strum

So convenient. Finding files used in recent weeks instantly is a great feature. This is what Microsoft left out of Windows Explorer -- the ability to easily find recently used files instantly.

John Gillis

RecentX has become indispensable. I don't know how many people know the value of "Copy Paths", but it is a real time-saver when entering links into documents or attaching files to emails.

Harold Hauer

Thanks, I really like RecentX. It is something that Windows should have, but doesn't. I just wish I had heard about it earlier

Tracy Dryden

I just discovered your RecentX program on Bits du Jour and it was an instant buy. It is truly a unique and useful program! Just what I needed


I downloaded RecentX from GAOTD today and tried it and in the short time I've been experimenting with it, I'm impressed. No more trying to remember which one of several freeware youtube downloaders I tried last night, was the one I liked. I recognized it in RecentX's prog list.


I grow to use and love this program more and more! You guys are awesome!

Bruce Koehler

RecentX future looking good and hoping you have a successful product. Your software is professional and visually very good which is a great marketing plus

Peter in Mona Vale

I must say after having used the programme a lot today that it really is a winner. The price you have set is very reasonable and I can see this being very successful

John Sparkes

This is a great program - I have been looking for something like this for a long time.

Dr. Dave Tulbert

You have an excellent product here and a really good Support Team


I love your product. I've been looking for this for several years.

David Young

RecentX is awesome! I can easily open the folders I visit frequently without using [my computer]

Nitin Ullas

Excellent design, stable, professionally executed

Peter Wirth

Enables you to recall any web site visited any program run or any file opened. Always available and extremely quick

Graham Raymond

A very simple but effective way to re-run programs and re-visit previous files, directories and web sites.


Now I can easily access all the files and folders i visit very frequently in exactly 2 seconds!! A must have software


This is a great product. It's like browser history & XP "recent files" on steroids. I already have a great launcher, but still find this tool very handy

Scott Sutherland

I run an editing business, and I need access to a mind-boggling number of files. This program is quick and exact.


I have spent weeks trolling the web trying to find an effective and fast product that gives me rapid access to ONLY the files I use most often - without building a gigantic hard drive index of files I don't care about. This product delivers, and I also love the customization feature that allows me to filter by any file type I specify. Well, I'm happy to say my trolling is over - I've found the PERFECT solution with RecentX - it is what I've been looking for, maybe it's what you've been looking for too?


Great product. Love it. Saves a lot of time. One has to use it to appreciate it.

Ganesh Ram

Simply continue your work as you do - great support, nice helping tools for a really affordable price

Michael Bergmann

I've been very happy with the functionality and ease of use of RecentX, so have now registered the software - it will no doubt be one of the 'must have' programs on my computer from now on, along with NoteZilla, which I've been using for some time now. :-)

Sue James

It is a pleasure using RecentX and I wish I had seen it much earlier.

Gert Bakker

Well, I'm happy to say my trolling is over - I've found the perfect solution with RecentX

Steve S

RecentX is one of the best, most innovative, and most frequently used utility programs there is! I can't imagine working without it - it is amazingly superior to Window's Recent Documents feature. It probably saves users more time on an everyday basis than ANY utility on the market

Bruce Koehler

Such a simple yet effective program. Save time by retrieving a file, folder or webpage in a split second.


It is quickly becoming one of my favorite programs, right up there with Clipmate and Treepad!

Dan Monk

This has got to be one of the greatest programs ever. What a time and aggravation saver this program is. Worth every penny and more.Thank you, thank you, thank you!

George Nathan

I can't imagine working without it. It saves me several minutes every workday, and FAR MORE in LOWERED FRUSTRATION - I can find WHAT I NEED WHEN I NEED IT! RecentX ROCKS!!!


Your products are fantastic. I was originally looking for a notes program that would allow me to send a note to someone over the Internet. But I started looking at RecentX and PikySuite, and I was amazed to find that they gave me functions that I didn’t even know I needed! I deal with a *lot* of files and folders every day, and these products have already saved me a lot of time


I have both NoteZilla and RecentX. Nothing but classy programs from this company


Your products are fantastic. I was originally looking for a notes program that would allow me to send a note to someone over the Internet. But I started looking at RecentX and PikySuite, and I was amazed to find that they gave me functions that I didn’t even know I needed! I deal with a *lot* of files and folders every day, and these products have already saved me a lot of time



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