Smart Launcher for Windows

Extraordinary Windows app that gives you
fastest access to your files, folders, programs,
websites & clipboard history.

RecentX is a launcher for Windows designed to make your computing life joyful. It is packed with innovative ways of accessing your stuff on your Windows PC with lightning speed.

Here is what you get:

  • Effortlessly access any file, folder, or program on Windows in less than 5 seconds!
  • Avoid every day's unnoticed stress resulting from:
    1. Finding scattered files
    2. Navigating through deep folders
    3. Accessing slow network paths
    4. Searching cluttered desktop shortcuts
    5. Locating deep Internet bookmarks
  • Tag files and folders for making things even faster, smoother, and enjoyable. Tag any file or folder directly from within Windows File Explorer.
  • RecentX integrates with Windows File open/save window so that you don't have to navigate any folder when opening or saving a document.
  • RecentX has a clipboard manager too. It remembers all the text & pictures copied to the clipboard so that you can pick & paste them again.
  • RecentX automatically remembers & shows your recent & favorite items first to make launching even faster.
  • Of course, it has a lot more. :)


Saves a lot of time

Instantly launch any file, document, folder, app, web history, or bookmark using very few keystrokes.

Avoids outdated ways of accessing folders

RecentX avoids tedious navigation of folders. No need to access deep folder trees & sub-menus to launch any document, folder, program, or website. Just type & go!

Made even easier

Assign tags to files & folders. Group them based on projects. Access them in a single click. Assign tags directly from within Windows File Explorer.

Whole computer on your Windows desktop

Traditionally, one would keep only essential files on Windows desktop for faster access. But with RecentX Launcher, accessing any file, any level deep is equally fast.

There is nothing to learn

RecentX Launcher is simple & works out of the box. You don't need to configure your favorite files or folders. Just install & see it working.

Shows you what is best

Automatically gets the files and folders that are more important to you. Items that are recently & frequently accessed are displayed before other trivial things. It makes launching easier.

Quickie file manager

Perform frequent file operations such as copy, move, delete, rename without launching a file manager such a Windows Explorer.

One stop for all your browsing history

Get fast access to bookmarks & history from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi Browser & Internet Explorer

Access remote folders like local

Automatically lists the network folders that you access. Launching a network folder any level deep takes less than 3 seconds.

Does more than just launching

Find any file or folder on your computer in less than 3 seconds, attach a file to email using drag & drop, use Windows Explorer plug-ins from RecentX Launcher.

What's New?

You can now tag files/folders directly from Windows File Explorer. Plus, we added support for dark mode.

Customer Reviews

I was using "EVERYTHING" windows search software. RecentX is better than that. Notezilla is also an excellent software. I pray God to give you more strength to develop more such type of softwares.


Know that I can’t live without this application! (RecentX). As a Product Manager, I wish that users could have affinity for my product the way I have for your product. Great job!

Jim Rutherford

This is an exceptionally useful little application. A "must have" application


Just installed latest RecentX and it blew me through the ceiling!! You guys really maxed out on this. It is amazing.

Barry Jaques

It really is addictive, and a great timesaver as well!

Eliezer Shore

I consider RecentX to be one of the top ten applications I have used in 25 years of computing

Stephen Strum

Worth every penny! Online demos sold me--and I'm still a believer


I have both NoteZilla and RecentX. Nothing but classy programs from this company


I can't imagine working without it. It saves me several minutes every workday, and FAR MORE in LOWERED FRUSTRATION - I can find WHAT I NEED WHEN I NEED IT! RecentX ROCKS!!!


It is quickly becoming one of my favorite programs, right up there with Clipmate and Treepad!

Dan Monk

Excellent design, stable, professionally executed

Peter Wirth

I grow to use and love this program more and more! You guys are awesome!

Bruce Koehler

Features & Screenshots

Quick access using the sidebar

RecentX Launcher can be accessed using a convenient desktop sidebar. With a single click, you can go to any category (Files, Folders, Programs, or Websites). RecentX Launcher can also be accessed using hotkeys.

Effortlessly launch any file or folder

RecentX Launcher lets you open any file, folder, program, or bookmark.

It avoids tedious navigation through deep folders, menus, files list, or shortcuts. You only have to type and go. Thereby saving immense time and improves efficiency.

Automatically knows your favorite files

RecentX Launcher automatically shows the files & folders that you have accessed recently & frequently, which is an exceptional feature.

You do not have to spend time configuring it with your favorite items, as it is quite hard to keep updating a program with favorite files & folders.

Finds in recent items first

Most often, we open the same files & folders again and again.

For this very reason, RecentX Launcher lets us find just the recently access files & folders instead of searching the complete hard drive. Thereby saving a lot of time.

Alternatively, you can also search for all items (files, folders, programs & websites).

Tag files and folders

Tags let you group files & folders based on categories, file types, etc.

RecentX, therefore, comes handy if you often find yourself opening the same set of folders for a particular project and avoids folder navigation.

Conveniently access clipboard history

RecentX remembers all the text & images that you copy to clipboard. RecentX keeps track of text you copied 1 hour back, 1 day ago, etc. Just pick them directly from RecentX when needed. Can you imagine how big a time-saver it would be?

Select file faster in file open/save window

This feature is something you will love. The file open/save dialog window that is shown by all Windows applications is very tedious to us.

RecentX makes it very easy to select any file in this window. When the file open/save window opens, find & choose the file using RecentX. See the short animation on the right.

Work with files easily

Copy files, rename, or delete them directly from RecentX Launcher without running any file manager such as Windows Explorer.

Drag and drop files from RecentX Launcher to any other window to copy files, attach files, create shortcuts, etc. Use tools such as Copy Paths, Command Prompt here, Send To menu from within RecentX Launcher.

Quickly find & launch programs

RecentX Launcher lets us run an app much faster than Windows. The list is cleaner as it does not show other files or folders like Windows.

It assigns a unique shortcut key number to each program and makes launching even faster.

Access bookmarks created in any browser

Directly open Internet bookmarks & history from within RecentX Launcher.

You don't have to access the Internet Browser's cluttered bookmarks & history menus.

Supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge Browser, and Internet Explorer.

Open a website in any browser

The websites list will allow you to open a particular site in any installed Internet browser - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.

Convenient when some websites work only in a specific browser. Useful when testing a web page in multiple browsers.

Quickly attach files to an email

The traditional way of attaching files to the email is very tedious.

With RecentX, you can attach any file to email within a few seconds. It may be anywhere on your hard drive. Just drag and drop the file from RecentX on to your email client window such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.

Launch with very few keystrokes

Launch anything using a keystroke.

Each listed item is assigned a unique number (as shown in the picture). Typing that number opens the thing immediately.

Dark mode supported

For those in love with dark mode :)

Soothing to eyes. Good for your health.

Try RecentX for FREE!

What is unique about the RecentX Launcher?

Zero navigation. Zero configuration.

Traditional computing teaches us to open several folders before opening a file and dig into menus before launching a program or bookmark. But all this is a pointless effort.

With RecentX Launcher, any file, folder, program or bookmark is equidistant from us. Meaning, it takes the same amount of time to launch any item irrespective of where it is. Zero navigation. Zero configuration. This innovation brings a new life to computing. It saves a lot of time.

Have we calculated the wasted effort?

Some of the trivial tasks have been stealing our time

When accessing one file from a list of 100 files, a significant amount of time goes waste viewing the other 99, listing the other 99, eliminating the other 99 mentally.

When accessing a particular folder, you waste a significant amount of time on opening its parent folders, listing of parent folders and their siblings, etc. And we are habituated to do this task again & again each day. RecentX Launcher gifts you back all this stolen time and boosts your productivity.


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