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Synchronize sticky notes with Outlook, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia Symbian, Palm - Notezilla

Synchronize Sticky Notes

Having access to your notes, anytime, is really important. Sticky notes created in Notezilla can be synced with the cloud.

Once you sync with the cloud, you can:

  • Access your sticky notes from any device (iOS - iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Mac, Tablets, Blackberry) using our Android app, iPhone/iPad app or the web app.
  • Keep sticky notes on all your computers in sync.
  • Send sticky notes to any contact across the globe.

Notes edited on one device will automatically be updated on the other. You do not have to worry about manual data backup or sync. The sticky notes are up to date, where ever you go (phone, other computer etc).

Watch a short video (1m 57s) demonstrating this feature.

Notezilla works on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP. Also available for Android, iPhone/iPad & other devices.