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Greetings, I am having a problem.  Copywhiz  is not detecting (or at least not showing) my media device (Samsung Note 4) as an option to copy files to. I am trying to copy multiple folders of music but can not get the device to show up. Windows 7 shows it fine. What do I need to do to get the media device to be shown as an appropriate target location? 

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 Copywhiz  does not support modern smart phone devices because they use different technology to transfer files for security purposes.

However, if you are using  Copywhiz 's advance filtering features, then you can temporarily copy all of the required music files to another folder using  Copywhiz . And then you can use normal Windows copy paste to copy from the temporary folder to Samsung Note 4.

 Copywhiz   -> Temporary Folder -> Samsung Note 4.
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