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I am currently using the trial version on my pc, Is there a trial version on the android phone. If so is the trial version available with the cloud sync.

After the trial period expires and I decide to purchase the license with cloud sync and activate in my pc how can I activate that license in my android phone??
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 You just need to install the  Notezilla  app from Google Play Store  and use it.

Yes. The cloud sync is available for trial. From  Notezilla  (on Windows), you can right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Sync option to create a free trial sync account. You can use this to sync your sticyk notes with the Android app to test it. Once you are happy, you can purchase the  Notezilla  (subscription plan)

Watch this short video that perfectly depicts this feature:

You don't have to activate the license on android phone, because you already installed the app. Once you activate the subscription, the phone app with automatically detect and continue to sync notes with your PC.

When you purchase the subscription version, you will get an email with instructions to activate the app on PC and also to activate the subscription. 

To download  Notezilla  : https://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/Download

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