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Using  Copywhiz , is it possible to search a group of folders, looking for files with the same name on Windows, and organizing the results with file dates, so I can review and delete the extra’s? Over the years I’ve moved files around so much I have a small mess and would love to try and clean it up. Thanks for the great product.

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Here is one solution using  Copywhiz .

  1. Select group of folders in  Copywhiz  on Windows.
  2. Go to "Paste Advanced" mode
  3. Under bottom Paste section, enable the option "Paste all files to a single folder". This will cause all files to be copied in a single folder.
  4. Because we are copying files to a single folder, you will be shown prompts when file with the same name exists. Here you can compare the dates and decide whether to replace the destination file or not. This way, you can keep the file that you want.
  5. So finally you will have a single folder with all the files that you wish to keep.

You can watch this short video for clarity:

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