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Something has puzzled me: beginning with  RecentX  , whenever I go to select a file on my Windows pc, there is a pop-up message saying that I can use  RecentX  to make the task easier. I was wondering whether this is new functionality added to  RecentX  4, or are you simply suggesting that I can use  RecentX  to quickly locate the destination folder, then use "Copy path", then paste that path into the dialog box? (which is what I already do)

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 This is a new functionality added in  RecentX . While in File Open/Save dialog, you can go to  RecentX  window and choose the required file. You will automatically see it selected in File Open/Save dialog.

Switching is normally not needed as you can directly select the file from  RecentX  when opening. When saving, you can select the folder and type your new file name in the dialog and click on Save.


You can watch this short video for more clarity : 

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