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When I add a picture on this desktop computer using  Notezilla , it never syncs to my Galaxy 6 Android. Worse, if I change that sticky note on the Android.... IT DELETES THE PICTURE when syncing. Not too useful if pictures can't be added. The pic that was added was 14kb 102 x 200 jpg file.

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We have added pictures support to recent versions  Notezilla  for Windows and phone (android/iphone/ipad). Please download the latest versions.
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Happy to announce that it is now possible to attach pictures to a sticky note and also sync with mobile devices.

Here is the video to guide you:

Make sure to update to the latest version of  Notezilla  on your Windows desktop as well as the mobile apps from the Play Store or App Store to use this feature. Download the latest version from here: https://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/Download
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