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I use  Copywhiz  for a while now and have a query.

I need to be able to replicate the Robocopy behavior of "/MINAGE:40" which will EXCLUDE files which have a modified date newer than 40-days.

Actual definition: Excludes files with a Last Modified Date newer than n days or specified date. If n is less than 1900, then n is expressed in days. Otherwise, n is a date expressed as YYYYMMDD

I am unable to set date when I need this to run every single day -40. I would have to reset the date every single day. It has to be a numerical value. Not a date value
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Thanks for using  Copywhiz . This feature is currently not available. But I think it would be a nice feature to add. I have taken note of same for future version. Meanwhile, probably you can use the date option as mentioned below.

You can do this using  Copywhiz . You need to set the 'Paste by date' setting shown below.

From  Copywhiz  main window, click on the Advanced settings option to modify the settings.

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