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I am using the  Notezilla  sticky notes app, I'm puzzled about how the syncing works across different devices. If I create a sticky note on my desktop, I sometimes see the equivalent sticky note on my laptop quite quickly. But many times on my android phone I don't see it for hours if ever. On the mobile device there is a sync function but it doesn't seem to do anything. Please clarify. Thanks.
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Hi, Thanks a lot for trying  Notezilla  and for your appreciation.

By design, you should see the new/updated sticky note on all the devices and PCs within 1-2 minutes.

We notify the phone to sync using push notifications. However, if you are using a battery saver or the phone is low on battery then the push notifications may not be processed. You can go to the app's info ( Notezilla ) on Android and disable battery saver (if there is any). 

Also note that some of your PCs are still using a very old update of  Notezilla  9. Ensure that you are using the latest version of  Notezilla . You can download and install  Notezilla  from our website https://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/Download . Because we have improved syncing behavior in recent updates.

If you still see a lot of delay on phone, then you can uninstall the app and re-install it again from play store and then sign into your sync account and download all your notes. Then check the behavior.

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