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Most backup programs backup files but are not easily retrievable, requiring a convoluted restore system that is non intuitive nor comfortable.  I would like to see the files I bring back to my computer, which is what  Copywhiz  does.  

Potentially, this copywhiz program looks like it could be used as a periodic backup of a full system.  But its not clear how to do that and tutorials dont address a step by step process for selecting all folders in a computer, pasting them to an external file, and then periodically backup any changed or added documents.

Is there a way to do that?.

Would love to see an  outline of the steps or point me to where that is delineated (preferably a step by step and not a video)

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Here are the steps for what you requested:

  1. Select the folders / drives you wish to copy.
  2. Select the option using "Advanced Settings" and Enable this option "Automatically identify and paste only new or modified files.
  3. Select your destination folder (eg. External drive)
  4. Schedule the backup (eg. Daily, Weekly etc).

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