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I've a registered version of  Copywhiz  and every time I start the application on Windows, for the first time after a fresh boot, it takes up to 20 seconds to start up the application launched from Windows Explorer. If I add a folder to the queue and click on another folder to add this folder too, it is not recognized until the application is started up. Is this a normal behavior ? I have Windows 10 x64, Core i7 and a fast SSD (so no slow system at all) and no other application take so much time to start up. Hope you can help me to speed up the first start of your application.
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 Copywhiz  on Windows normally does not take so much time to start up. 20 seconds is actually very high. It is true that adding the first file/folder to queue will take a little more. But the consecutive files will be added immediately.

On our systems (which are not latest, no SSD), the first item is added in 5-8 seconds.
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