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I am considering purchasing  Copywhiz  to facilitate backing up personal files on Windows pc. The function that would really ring my bells is to be able to sync up files on 3 different drives - bringing all of the files up to their latest versions, regardless of which drive they were last created or updated on. Is that possible with  Copywhiz ?
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Syncing is currently not easily possible with  Copywhiz  when there are more than 2 folders to sync on Windows pc. I am assuming that you are making modifications on all 3 different drives at different times.

However, if you always work on files in one drive only, then you can use  Copywhiz  to ensure that the other 2 drives also have the same set of files by simply choosing "Paste only new or modified files" feature of  Copywhiz . You can save your settings as a project and simply run those projects when required.

Paste files to multiple folders or computers

So if you have Drive A where you always work on, then you can create one  Copywhiz  project to copy files from Drive A to B and another project to copy from Drive A to Drive C. So that All Drive A, B & C are in sync. Here I am assuming that you directly never touch files on Drive B and C.

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