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Is there a way to copy files by last accessed date using  Copywhiz ? So, if there are files that haven't been accessed in 5+ years, set a date, and then copy all of those files?

For example, say, a file was was accessed before 5/5/2020 1:15PM. Will  Copywhiz  move only those files? It must keep directory structure (which it seems like it does) but just copy only the files on 5/5/2020 1:15pm and older. Anything new, do not copy.

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Go to the Advanced Settings Tab and in the Source Tab,

  1. Make sure you update only the first date. The second date should be disabled.
  2. Note that  Copywhiz  checks the file's date only and not the folder's date when copying files. 
  3. After  Copywhiz  has copied the files, you need to check the file dates to verify if the required files were copied.

Based on the example you gave, here's a  picture of how your configuration should look like:

Here's a short video regarding this feature:

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