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I tested TeraCopy and Winmerge before, which also seem great. But  Copywhiz  scheduling function is really nice, and I use it everyday now to make backups of some important folders.

I use a lot of the Adobe Creative Suite programs for my job, on a daily basis. But these programs crash when using  Copywhiz When i uninstalled  Copywhiz , it works fine. Do you have a solution for this please?

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You can stop  Copywhiz  from appearing in the right click menu of Windows File Explorer that appears in Open/Save window.

You will still be able to use  Copywhiz  to create and schedule backups by running  Copywhiz  directly from the Windows programs menu.

Follow the steps given below to achieve this:

  1. Right click on Windows start button and choose "Windows Powershell (Admin)"
  2. Run the following commands:
    1. CD "C:\program files (x86)\Conceptworld\Copywhiz\" (HIT ENTER KEY)
    2. Regsvr32 /u .\CopywhizShell64.dll   (HIT ENTER KEY)
    3. You should get success message here.
  3. Restart the PC or you can go to Task Manager (right click on Taskbar and choose Task Manager and then go to processes and kill the process explorer.exe (all processes).
Though there is no direct solution as of now, this can be used as a workaround.
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