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I am following the instructions in your  Copywhiz  tutorial "Video 7" entitled "Copy Files to Multiple Folders in Windows" from your website.  However, after dragging and dropping files into the  Copywhiz  Destination Folders Box, the precise path for the sub folders into which I want the Shortcut pasted into is not what is shown in the tutorial.

Basically, what happens is a totally new folder is created and the file is pasted into that folder.  The following is an example of the folder paths which appear in the  Copywhiz  Destination Folders Box "D:\Clients\Robinson, Gregory\Issues, Specific\030415 Cruz, D:\Clients\Robinson, Gregory\Issues, Specific\031115 Cruz (1), D:\Clients\Robinson, Gregory\Issues, Specific\031915 Cruz (2), D:\Clients\Robinson, Gregory\Issues, Specific\032615 Cruz (3), D:\Clients\Robinson, Gregory\Issues, Specific\040215 Cruz (4)".  I think the problem has to do with there are too many comments in the destination path. Do you have any suggestions?  

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The issue is because you have "commas" in the folder names; " Robinson, Gregory " and "Issues, Specific".  Remove the commas from the folders and  Copywhiz  will work as shown in the tutorial video.
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