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I am using  Copywhiz  5.0.7. I am trying to copy a Windows 10 file Shortcut to numerous folders. The name of the shortcut is "Test 15 DES Notes - Issues and Trial.wpd - Shortcut". The Shortcut points to a specific destination file "D:\Clients\Robinson, Gregory\DES Notes - Issues and Trial.wpd" . When I select the Shortcut to be placed in the queue, instead of the Shortcut appearing in the queue, the specific destination file appears in the queue. I used the Advanced Settings box to include only a file ending with the extension ".wpd - Shortcut," but that did not work either. How do i fix this?

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For shortcuts, you can open  Copywhiz  main window and add shortcut files using the "Add Files" button or you can drag and drop the files inside  Copywhiz  main window.
To access the main window, you would just "Run  Copywhiz " from the context menu or choose "Show items" from the context menu.
The above mentioned issue is a small limitation when you choose Shortcut files directly from  Copywhiz ->Copy (Add to queue) menu.
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