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I have been using  Copywhiz  now for about a month and I don't know how I survived in a Windows world without it. It is great. I am now trying to move all of my .mov files into a separate folder, so I need to copy only files of type .mov, paste them into one folder without sub-folders, and delete them after I paste. I know how to do either the 1st two things or the last thing. Is there a way I can do all of these together at the same time on Windows please?
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To copy only specific type of files into a single folder, without any sub-folders, follow the steps given below:

  1. After selecting all your files & folders, right click inside the destination folder and choose  Copywhiz ->Advanced
  2. The  Copywhiz  main window will open. Click on the advanced Settings tab and type .mov under “Include Files”.
  3. Then enable the option "Paste all files to a single folder" option.
  4. Click on OK.
  5. You will come back to the main window. Choose "Paste & delete original (move) drop down option.
  6. Click on "Paste Now" button to move the files. The files will be successfully copied in the new folder as well as deleted(moved) from its original location.
  7. You just have to now delete the destination folder where you had copied the .mov files.

Here is a video depicting this:

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