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 I am looking for a Windows VSS-enabled backup program which is callable via a .cmd file, and which will allow execution of another .cmd file after the shadows have been created for all of the specified files, but before the backup copying begins, and execute another .cmd after the backup is complete. Can  Copywhiz  do this?

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1 Answer

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 Copywhiz  supports command line parameters as below:

You would first save the project as .czml file and then run command line as below.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Conceptworld\Copywhiz\ Copywhiz Copy.exe" /t /b /le "E:\My Documents\Copywhiz Projects\Test.czml"

/t - Run silently

/b - Run in background

/le - Show log on error

So, with this you should be able to run multiple commands inside a cmd file as per your requirements.

Apart from above,  Copywhiz  doesn't have any pre and post backup features.

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