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I am an early user of  RecentX  and like the program a lot. But any time I upgrade to latest version (which I just did) I find a problem: I don't use Windows Explorer. I use XY Explorer which is much better than windows. But  RecentX  does not let my XY without changing a configuration which I don't know how to do. In other occasions you support me. so please tell me again how to change the explorer program to XY. And perhaps in the future  RecentX  would have a feature (or an installation option ?) to choose another Explorer NOT WINDOWS EXPLORER. Please help 

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Thanks for upgrading  RecentX .

  1. Go to  RecentX  window, click on Advanced and choose Preferences option from the menu
  2. Now click on Advanced tab
  3. Under File Manager, specify the command line "C:\Program Files (x86)\XYplorer\XYplorer.exe" "%1"  (Note that it is assumed that XYplorer is installed on C: drive, if it is different then the path will change accordingly.
  4. Press OK.  That's it.

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Great. It worked. Thanks for the prompt reply and congratulations for the new version. Really an excellent product.
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