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With  RecentX , can I search files by more than one tag at a time? How are the files tagged? I'm wondering if it's possible to see tagged files (stored in Dropbox) on other computers if I have  RecentX  installed on both PCs. Also, If I keep my tagged files in DropBox and have  RecentX  on two computers, can the tags be synced?

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Tags are maintained internally by  RecentX . The files are not touched to set the tags. So if you move them anywhere else, you will not be able to see the tags.

If you purchase a license you can use  RecentX  on up to 2 computers.

Also, syncing is not easily possible since the listing, will not be accurate then. 

Each computer has its own set of configuration, files, etc. So  RecentX  maintains separate individual databases for each computer. So syncing is not possible.

 Currently it is not possible to search files by more than one tag name in  RecentX .

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