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I have recently noticed that when I stick a  Notezilla  sticky note in a folder that has the same name as a folder in a different path the note will show up in that folder also. 

Here are my examples. The folder names are close but the paths are far from close but I still get the same note in both folders although I created it in only one of them. R:\Project Management\Public\Job Files\1136 Shops at Clearfork - Ft. Worth, TX - Beck Construction\Plans\RPMX TOPO\01-23-17 R:\Project Management\Public\Job Files\1811 Brookside Ph 1 - Melissa, TX - Bloomfield Homes\Plans\RPMX TOPO\01-23-17

How do i stick the note to only the required folder?

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 Notezilla  shows the sticky note based on the title of the window. 

You can solve this by choosing the below option in Windows File Explorer:

  1. Go to Windows File Explorer, select View tab and click on Options button
  2. You will see above window. Here select View tab and enable the option "Display the full path in the title bar".
  3. Now go back to the sticky note and stick the note again to the right window.

Now that the title shows the full path, the sticky note will not be shown on other windows where the folder name is same.

We also have a short video depicting the above steps:

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