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I use both the desktop app and Android app for  Notezilla . On the Android app, I can view notes by folder or by tag. Being able to see a list of my tags is extremely important, as when you have a large number of tags, it can be difficult to remember exactly what was used to tag a note. Is there a similar way on the desktop program to view notes by tag, rather than memoboard?

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1 Answer

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To view a desktop  Notezilla  sticky note directly in the Memo board by tags:

1.You can go to your  Notezilla  Notes Browser and in the search panel, you would choose "Look in" Tags option and search for notes with particular tags.

Ex: You have many sticky notes on your desktop with different quotes. Say you have added the tag "Quotes" to these  Notezilla  sticky notes.

2.All the sticky notes with the particular tag will be listed in the memo board.

If you want to view a particular  Notezilla  sticky note on your desktop, You can watch this short video for clarity:

1. You can select the sticky note which you want to view on your desktop and click on it's top left button.

2. Select the option, "Stick to Desktop -> Show Desktop Note".

3. The  Notezilla  sticky note will immediately appear on your desktop.

This is the only possible way since currently we do not have any option to directly search for Desktop Sticky notes from the desktop itself without accessing the  Notezilla  Notes Browser.

If you want to view all the notes having the tag "Quotes" on your Desktop, you just need to select all the sticky notes by pressing CTRL+A and the rest of the steps are the same.

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