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I am on a yearly subscription for 3 computers--one computer is no longer working and I have a new computer I need to register it --how can I do it

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On the new computer, you can download and install  Notezilla  from our website http://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/

After which, right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Sync, now sign into your existing Notezilla.Net account. This will download all your notes and start syncing.

You can watch this short video for more clarity on the syncing feature:

To retrieve the activation key for the product, please visit:


To enter the activation key:

1. Right click on  Notezilla  icon (next to the clock) in the Windows taskbar.

2. Choose Help->Register menu item. The 'Register' window will appear.

3. In the 'Register' window click on the 'Enter activation key' button.

Make sure that the name specified is same as the license name provided when purchasing the product.

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