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Hi. My laptop's memory is rapidly reaching the end and my MIS person thinks it has to do with the indexing of  RecentX . When I set it up initially, I unknowingly had the program index the folders of ALL the attorneys in my law firm instead of only mine. We believe this is what is consuming so much memory in my hard drive. Can you tell me how to erase the indexed folders I don't need or how to erase it all and then re-install RX so it re-indexes but only my folder? 

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You can follow the below steps:

  1. Exit  RecentX 
  2. Open the folder %appdata%\Conceptworld\RecentX in Windows Explorer. To do this, copy this path %appdata%\Conceptworld\RecentX and run from start menu or open in Windows Explorer 
  3. Delete all the files in that folder
  4. Run  RecentX 
  5. Open  RecentX  window, go to Advanced->Preferences and click Indexing tab. Configure the drives that you wish to index.

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