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I'm having trouble syncing sticky notes between my Windows 10 desktop computer, my iPad and my iPhone. It seems that they do not all have the same sticky notes, even after I manually sync them. I am not sure I'm doing this properly. What is the correct method for keeping all my devices in sync? 

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  1. Are you getting any error when you manually sync those notes?
  2. Can you create a new note on your iPhone, type something there and then manually sync from the iPhone.
  3. Go to the desktop, right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Sync and check if the new note appears. 
  4. Also repeat 2 and 3 from iPad.
  5. If you see new notes on all devices then it means that all the devices are in sync.
  6. Are you able to see list of notes on your iPad and iPhone and also scroll down and see more notes?

 Note : The Windows desktop syncs automatically. When there is a change in desktop, the iPad/iPhone will get the sync notification in a minute or two. The iPad and iPhone too sync within 1 minute after you make a change to a note and save it. So in short, automatic sync is not real time. The changes will reflect after few minutes on each device.

Below is the video that shows shows how to sync sticky notes between multiple PCs/devices such as Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad etc.


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Thanks, as always, for your prompt and useful response. I did the manual sync test and everything worked perfectly. I believe I was not waiting long enough for the notes to sync.
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