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I am working on a uni assignment and decided to make some sticky notes using  Notezilla  on my android phone. So I did - I added notes to another note that was already on my phone.

I then turned my phone off thinking that the modification would be automatically saved.

This morning when I looked however all my modifications were missing. There was no record what so ever.

I checked through different categories such as recently accessed and recently created and the rubbish bin but i couldn't find anything.

Could you please tell me what i did wrong. And if I wanted to modify a note in the future how do i save it etc...and if there is any chance i could find the modification?
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In the recent version of  Notezilla  app for iPhone/Android, the notes are saved automatically every few seconds while you are editing. Also they are saved when you go back to the notes list. Please update  Notezilla  app on your device to the latest version.

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