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I purchased  Notezilla , which I installed on my desktop computer. I'd like to also have it installed on my laptop so when I am away from my home I have access to my Windows sticky notes. How do I do this? Is the portable version the only way to do this? or can I just copy the data file from 1 to the other? I really can't afford to purchase another copy for my laptop which I only use when not home. Can you please advice?
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We have automatic cloud sync of sticky notes that will not require you to manually copy notes data between the PCs. You can setup a cloud account from  Notezilla  so that sticky notes are automatically synced with other devices including your Android or iPhone. 

To get a clear picture refer the blog article : http://www.conceptworld.com/blog/index.php/syncing-sticky-notes-between-computers-on-windows/

Following is the manual way of having same data on both PCs.

Simply copy the Notes8.db ( Notezilla  8) or Notes9.db ( Notezilla  9) file from one computer to another. 

  1. Exit  Notezilla  on desktop computer
  2. On the desktop computer, open the folder %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla in Windows Explorer. To do this, copy this path %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla and run from start menu or open in Windows Explorer.
  3. Copy Notes8.db file to some pen drive (or any shared location accessible from laptop)
  4. Go to laptop, exit  Notezilla 
  5. On the laptop, open the folder %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla in Windows Explorer
  6. Copy Notes8.db (or Notes9.db) file from the pen drive to this folder that you just opened on laptop
  7. Run  Notezilla 


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Many thanks for the info. Copying the file is the way to go.
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