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I don’t like how  Notezilla  removed my existing sticky notes off my desktop when I sync it up, say the second time before I get back to my desktop.

For example if I sent notes to my desktop for me to see when I return to it, and then I send more notes before returning to the desktop, the first ones are gone and only the last ones I sent will be there. Also I need to be able to send them from 2 different phones to the Windows desktop without them being pulled to the other phone, all of them need to go to the desktop and stay until I choose to remove them.  How do i solve this?

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Syncing in  Notezilla :

 Notezilla  apps on all devices sync sticky notes automatically so that all the devices have the exact replica of the same sticky notes. This is how it should behave: If you create a new note on phone, then it will sync automatically and you will see that sticky note on desktop. The notes on desktop will not disappear unless they are deleted from the phone or any other device.

Watch this video to learn more about this feature:

Deletion of  Notezilla  sticky notes:

No notes will get removed until they are deleted manually.

Please note that the delete button on top right of a sticky note that you see on Windows app ( Notezilla ) will delete the sticky note. It will not close the sticky note. Sometimes the user thinks that it closes or hides and accidentally deletes the sticky note.

 Notezilla  sends notes to Trash memo board when you delete those notes. So you should be able to find them there.  Notezilla  doesn't completely delete the notes from your system until you delete them from the trash memo board too.

You can use the search functionality of  Notezilla  on all devices to make sure that you have not lost any notes.

Sending  Notezilla  sticky notes:

You don't have to send any note to your other devices explicitly. The notes are synced automatically. Do not use the "Send to contact" feature of  Notezilla  to send note to yourself. Just create the note and let the notes get synced automatically. All devices that use the same sync account will sync automatically.

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