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When I click on Notes Browser,  Notezilla  disappears to the right of the screen. Like if it wants to go on another screen - I also have installed Multiplic times but at the moment it is not in function.

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Please follow the steps given below if restarting  Notezilla  does not fix the issue.

  1. Run %appdata%\Conceptworld\Notezilla\Notezilla.ini
  2. This will open the config file
  3. Exit  Notezilla 
  4. Remove the line that starts with NotesBrowserWindowPlacement
  5. Save the  Notezilla .ini file
  6. Run  Notezilla  and see if it fixes the problem.
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Many thanks for your expertise, it fixed the problem.
So everything is good and I have my indispensable  Notezilla  back on track again.
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