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I'm trying to run  Notezilla  on two different computers, one is work and the other is personal. I'd like the personal notes to show up on the personal computer, and the work notes to show up on the work computer. Is there a way to do this? When I show/hide notes on one computer it syncs and does the same on the other (so the computers mirror each other rather than showing different notes as intended). Please help if there is a way to show only selected notes on one computer, without changing the other computer (and yet the notes still sync).

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 Notezilla  doesn't automatically show different notes on different desktops. However, here is a quick way to achieve this.

The first step is to place your work sticky notes in one memoboard and place your personal sticky notes in another memoboard. Or you can also tag them accordingly if you don't want to place them in different memoboards.

After this, right click on  Notezilla  icon (next to the clock) and choose Desktop notes/Show notes by/Memoboard or Tag to quickly show different notes on the desktop.


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