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So far  Notezilla  is just what I need. I have three separate computers that I use at different times, (home desktop, work laptop, and another work laptop for the road) and my wife has her own laptop.  We both also have IPADS and Android cellphones.   I will need to know how to create a sticky note from any one of these devices and have the note appear on the others.   I think I can do it, but I will need it explained.    I think I must download  Notezilla  on each computer, correct?   By the way we are not always on just one network.   I operate on many.   My wife just operates on two networks.    So, passing sticky notes on just one network is not enough.   Is there a way to pass sticky notes to any of our computers that are on different networks?   For example, while I am at my office on one network, can I create a sticky note and have it appear on my wife’s computer on our home network?   Or must I send it via an email?
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Yes. That's right. You need to downlaod and install  Notezilla  on each computer.

  1. You will have to create a sync account. To create the account, right-click on  Notezilla  icon in the task bar and choose Sync --> Create a sync account. 


2. After creating and activating it, on other computers, right click on  Notezilla  icon and sign-into existing account to download and sync all your existing notes. Your wife also would need to create sync account the way you did, from her computer. 

3. Once you have done all of these, go to a sticky note and choose Send To->Contact from the top left button to send sticky note.

Watch this short video for more clarity:


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