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Hello, I really like your software  RecentX  and have used it for years. I use it many times each day. But, when I scan documents to PDF using Capture Perfect 3.0, the document doesn't show up in  RecentX . This has long been an annoyance and wonder if there is a way to fix it. 2) Also, sometimes when I access files in MS Word (maybe when I select via word instead of windows explorer), the file doesn't show up. Is there a best-practice in opening files to ensure they get logged by  RecentX ?

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1.  RecentX  will pick it up only when you open those converted PDF documents. Not sure how Capture Perfect works. Basically, all other programs use standard ways of opening document etc. If Capture Perfect doesn't follow standard ways then  RecentX  will not be able to pick it up. Capture Perfect must add the opened PDF document in Windows "Recent Documents" so that  RecentX  can pick it up.

2. If you open via Word,  RecentX  will know about it only after you close Word. Also, when you open another document also, the first one should show in  RecentX .


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