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After fighting with 3M digital post-it-notes for the past yr or so, I searched for a replacement, never expecting to find your product  Notezilla  which far exceeds 3M's (though it hasn't been supported in ages). I started out with their 1st. Version & continued to upgrade!

I've only been playing with your program for 3 days, but it is more than I expected to find. I just wish there was an easier way to transfer my notes as opposed to copying each one & pasting in  Notezilla , but no export options exist!
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1 Answer

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Copying & Pasting seems to be the only way right now :(

Unfortunately, 3M Digital Post-It Notes does not allow exporting of notes to common format (like  Notezilla ), so  Notezilla  will not be able to import those notes. Their data file seems to be of proprietary or encrypted format. So we cannot import.
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