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I really liked the  Notezilla  sticky notes app. Everything worked out smooth. I feel couple of basic functionality either are missing or I can not figure it out. 

1) How does the back indentation work?

 i.e. if you have bullet/numbering active and I am on 2nd level indentation, How can I go back to first level? e.g.

            1. xxxx

                    a. yyyy

                    b. zzzz

2) Is there any way you can add indentation symbol?

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In  Notezilla  sticky notes app, you can press Shift+Tab to go back to one level down. To add bullets without using the menu you can use Ctrl+Shift+L. Then use Tab and Shift Tab to indent & unindent.

You can watch this video for more clarity:

There is no indentation button as of now. 

You can download and install  Notezilla  from our website http://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/Download 

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that's tabbing forward and backwards. that does not change actual indents. If you are using bulleted text, start a new line, and want to remove the bullet and indent you can remove the bullet with Ctrl-Shft-L, but shift-tab does not remove the indent.
Don't understand completely. If you wish, you can email us some screenshots with explanation to support@conceptworld.com
I believe what they are saying is, we want to be able to make an indented bullet list like below.

• Some Text Here
    › sub text
• Some More Text
    › sub text
        » sub-sub text
• Etc...

Instead, the only bullet indentation options we seem to have, all bullets line up on the left margin. Sure you can indent the text itself by using tabs, but the bullets/numbering don't indent with the text (see example below).

• Some Text Here
›     sub text
• Some More Text
›     sub text
»         sub-sub text
• Etc...
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You can get indents by using the ASCII code Hold Alt (NumPad 0 + NumPad 9) release alt.
This is same as pressing Tab key
@support Pressing tab no longer works on mine.  It just selects the next "object" which is bold, then italicize, etc.  

Would be helpful to get the shift-tab version here too.  Don't see it on the chart I'm looking at.
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