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Hello, I have used MoRun stickies for some time. The product is no longer supported and recently the backup database became corrupt. I found your product  Notezilla  on the web and by all accounts it seems to be a superior product to MoRun. I have used the application for inner office communication and reminders. So I downloaded the app to two computers to try it out.

While sending sticky notes works fine but on one computer the notes will only go to the  Notezilla  browser and not the desktop. I went through all the settings and even manually allowed the program access through my firewall. Still can't get it to pop straight to the desktop. I'd like to use this product and would buy multiple licenses but I need it going to the desktop and not just the browser. Could you help me resolve so that I may purchase?

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There are 2 options you can enable to make sure that the incoming  sticky note in  Notezilla  appears directly on the Windows desktop.

Make these changes on the receiving computer.

  1. Go to  Notezilla  Preferences. To access  Notezilla 's Preferences, right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Preferences from the menu. 
  2. Enable "Stick new notes on desktop also" from the General tab
  3. Enable "Stick incoming notes directly to desktop" from the Advanced tab. You can also enable "Stay on top" option adjacent to it.

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