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I've been using  Notezilla  for years, and to date it's the best on the market. I want to sync all my Windows stickies but I don't want my home desktop sticky notes on my work desktop or vise versa. But some notes I want on all desk tops. A solution might be allowing for multiple desktops and a show all. Or allowing users to send an entire memo board to the desktop or hide an entire board. Is this possible using  Notezilla ?

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From  Notezilla  9 onwards, we have added a feature to show notes by a particular memoboard/tag. You can keep your work sticky notes in a separate memoboard and home sticky notes in a separate memoboard. Or assign respective tags to those sticky notes.

Once this is done, right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Desktop notes/Show notes by/Memoboard or Tag from the menu.

Here is a screenshot:

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