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I like  Notezilla  very much!!!  Sticking Windows sticky  notes on a web page is clearly a killer wonderful feature of your product.  But,  I have also noticed a very annoying thing about notes stuck on a web page.  I bring a web page up on its own monitor and leave it up all day.  The message which is supposed to be attached to that web page vanishes when the focus is given to another monitor.  To get the note back one must give focus back to the web page where the note is attached.  Is this the way it is suppose to work? But it would be much easier for what I am doing if I could get it to appear any time the web page is on the screen rather than only when it has focus.

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If you are using another program while referring to the webpage & sticky note too, then you must stick the same sticky note to this "another program" also.

To learn more about this feature, watch this quick video:

To make the sticky note appear any time the web page is on the screen rather than only when it is has focus is technically not possible/feasible.

Since the sticky note is associated with the web page and not the monitor, the note will be visible as long as the web page is active. The moment you focus on any other app (doesn't matter which monitor), the sticky note disappears because you are no longer working on that web page.

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