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In  Notezilla , I have enabled the 'Stick incoming notes on desktop and pin on top option' but the computer that the sticky note has been sent to still only shows a small notification that a sticky note has been received in the bottom right corner of the screen and you have to select "View Notes" to see it..

I tried to do the above directions on the receiving computer thinking that might be the problem but that option is not available on that (receiving) computer. It's available only on the sending computer. Please help.

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There are 2 possibilities for this.

 One could be that If there are multiple unread notes then  Notezilla  will show the notification. Go to  Notezilla  Notes Browser, click on 'Unread' filter and make sure you read all the notes (click inside each sticky note to mark it as read). Once you read all the notes, and incoming notes will be stuck to desktop.

Another possibility would be that you are using an older build of  Notezilla  because this option was added only in the recent updates of  Notezilla  8.0. Please download and install the latest update of  Notezilla  from our website https://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/Download to see the above option

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