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I'm more than happy with your current product  Notezilla , it has replaced Toodledo & GTasks. And your support is phenomenal! But, I would like to see a new feature. That Memoboard & Tag info is available on the Note header, & can be modified from there. I want to use  Notezilla  without going to Note Browser on a regular basis. Probably a big ask, can you please advice.

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What you are asking is pretty reasonable. Those properties must be easily accessible from the note itself. Due to space constraint & our goal to keep things simple, we haven't shown those info directly on the sticky note in  Notezilla . This particular feature is already in our list. We should do something about it in future releases. 

Editing is still easy. You can press Ctrl+T from the sticky note to view/edit tags. And you can use "Stick to memoboard" to view the sticky note's memoboard. 

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