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I use  Notezilla  which I purchased in June. It, of course, is installed on a thumb drive. Note that I do not use cloud sychronization. The application does not appear to load anymore (as of yesterday) . When I double click on the  Notezilla .exe file it appears to begin to initialize but then stops. That is the way I have always started it. Any ideas as to how I can fix this? Love the app and really want to get this fixed.

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Please follow the steps given below to start  Notezilla  again:

  1. Make sure  Notezilla .exe is not running. Right click on Taskbar, choose 'Start Task Manager', select Processes tab and check if  Notezilla .exe is listed. If it is, then select and click on 'End Task' button.
  2. Under the thumb drive's  Notezilla  folder, you will find a folder called Data.
  3. Under Data folder, you will find a file called NotesX (X is the version number). Just rename it to something else.
  4. Then run  Notezilla .exe. See if you are able to run it successfully.

If it runs successfully, then it means that you would need to restore data from  Notezilla 's backups. You can copy Notes8 file from one of the Data\Backup\YYYY-DD-MM folders to Data folder and then run  Notezilla .exe. Take file from yesterday's date or 2 days before.

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does not work on win10
We have fixed this now. Please try again.
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