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 Notezilla  has a very annoying setup with the Due Date function and synchonization across several PC's. When I schedule a due date - it works fine. It comes up with the notification. I then "dismiss" it, or snooze it. Again no worries. But then it comes up again on other machines, even after synchonization. I can understand it popping up when you turn on the other machine, but after synchronization, it should remove itself.
What's happening is that I am having to dismiss or snooze the SAME notifcations on every machine I do. This is becoming a nuisance and a time waster. Can you please fix. Thanks
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You don't have to dismiss or snooze the same notification on every machine in  Notezilla . If the computer where the sticky note is dismissed, syncs the notes first with the cloud then other computers will automatically cancel the active reminder when they sync.

If you dismiss on Computer 1, then that computer must sync the notes. Only then the cloud will be aware of the dismissed note. So now when Computer 2 & 3 sync, it will receive the dismissed note and cancel all active reminders.

Learn more about the automatic sync that happens through this short video:

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Thanks. This seems to work.
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