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I can't find some of my sticky notes in  Notezilla  for Windows. I might have inadvertently pressed a key that made some of my sticky notes disappear (I thought I'd pinned them to the top) and I can't find them. I don't appear to have a pop up window or main menu. Please could you help asap as i'm working on an assignment and desperately need to find them again.
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Right click on  Notezilla  icon and choose Notes Browser. This will allow you to search and view all your notes on Windows pc.
May be you just hid those notes. Or may be you accidentally sent them to trash by clicking on the top right button above the sticky note.

You can use the Notes Browser to un-hide them or change other properties (Stick To Desktop) using the top left button of the sticky note.

We also have a short video on searching  Notezilla  notes:

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