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Hi, I am facing a dilemma, it seems that notes are attached to window title in  Notezilla . We are using Onenote online, and Evernote, the problem is the window title does not change when you switch sticky notes. I really like the application, wondering if there is a possibility to link it to url and window title? I do know of a case that the url of the pages changes with the date so in this case a url alone would not work as the new days date gets appended to the url everyday, in this case the window title works very well. Hoping for the possibility to choose the window title or url. Nice app!

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Currently,  Notezilla  can only recognize title of the window.

Check out this video for more clarity:

We do have plans to create plug-ins for different browsers so that we can stick the notes to urls. However, we cannot commit a date for it.

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