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Hi, I have downloaded the demo / trial version for  Notezilla  and contemplate to buy a copy soon. I have a few questions please clarify the same. a) In case I have a sticky note attached to a file and then I change the storage location of the file to a different folder / drive on the same computer system. In this case will the sticky note be displayed when the file is opened. b) I have created a sticky note on file and attached to this file, In case I change the name of this will the sticky note be still displayed.

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 Notezilla  basically remembers the title of the window that opens the file. For example, if you have the .doc file, it will remember the title of the window, in this case Microsoft Word - xyz.doc.

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So, it depends which file you are opening in what program. If the program shows the complete path of the file, then moving the file will deactivate its functionality of appearing automatically when the file is active. If the program is only showing the file name and not the path then renaming the file will deactivate the stickiness functionality.

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