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I am considering  Notezilla  to send phone messages from station to station in a 25-computer network. (All users are in the same office.) Is this the appropriate product and how many applications would I need? Thanks.

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When you are saying "sending phone messages", I assume that it is simply sending popup messages to any computer in local network.

Yes, you can send  Notezilla  sticky notes from one computer to another within the same network.  Notezilla  also has features to send sticky notes to any computer over the Internet also.

Watch this short video perfectly depicting this feature:

You will need to install  Notezilla  on every computer that wishes to send and receive messages.

I suggest that you install  Notezilla  on 2 computers and try it out yourself, sending sticky notes to each other.

Download  Notezilla  from our website http://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla

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