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I've been very happy with the trial version of  Notezilla  in the Windows 10 computer, except that when I try to re-size the image in a note on my desktop, the image and the note don't re-size together, so if I reduce the note size, the image edge gets cut off and can lose its clarity, becoming distorted looking (a flower image with a quote, when reduced, part of the quote disappears and the flower/grass in the photo gets grainy/distorted, like the note size and the photo aren't maintaining the same ratio and the photo is getting cut off) .

Is there a way to  keep the image clarity intact even after pasting?

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Update: In recent updates, we have made improvements in how pictures behave. From this update on wards, it is now possible to sync pictures with phone apps. So you can view/add/edit pictures using  Notezilla  for Android, iPhone etc.  Notezilla  now keeps 2 copies of the picture. One is a thumbnail view (smaller scaled down picture) which you see inside a sticky note. If you resize the sticky note, the thumbnail automatically resizes. Also if you double click on the thumbnail, you will see a bigger, better picture 

Have a look at this short video tutorial to learn more about attaching pictures to sticky notes: 

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