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I just set up to sync. It says its a 45 day trial?  what kind of trial?  I do not recall seeing any costs.  All I wanted to do was sync from desktop to phone or vice versa. When I synced...it also said something like the notes will be deleted.  After the sync I did see a lot of notes on my phone....now I am worried that this might not be a good idea because I will fill up my phone.

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 Notezilla  is available in 2 flavors. Cloud and Non-Cloud. If you have purchased the Non-Cloud version that doesn't allow syncing notes between devices and multiple computers, then this is the reason, you are seeing "45 day trial" when creating the cloud account. You can learn more about it here:  http://www.conceptworld.com/Notezilla/BuyNow

The cloud account is yearly subscription, while the non-cloud is a one-time payment. In order to keep all your devices in sync (Automatic sync happens every minute), you would need to purchase the cloud subscription.

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